'Kid A'- 2015 National Photographic Portrait Prize Finalist

It's a rare and wonderful thing for me to have work hanging in a gallery. Even more so when it's a gallery filled with history and prestige, such as the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. 

Last night I attended the opening for this year's National Photographic Portrait Prize, alongside a great array of photographs, and photographers. My entry, 'Kid A' is a portrait of my eldest son, taken last year whilst travelling. It also heads the gallery's online curatorial essay, and I thank Dr Christopher Chapman for placing it there. 

There are times when I feel my kids must get pretty sick of being photographed, but the moment this shot froze wasn't one of them. It was an unguarded moment, and I thank my son for giving it to me. 

A family snap now has a life outside our family, and I wish it well.